“Many a child who has been exposed to rail modelling will go back to the hobby after his mundane obligations permit.”

The “NeverEnuf Excursion” inspires young minds by showcasing the multifaceted hobby of railmodelling. It is a fun-filled, edutainment trip which stimulates curiosity. The excursion helps cultivate interest and involves the visitors with hands-on learning.
The NeverEnuf Excursion includes:

  1. The exposition of an operating Garden Railroad in “G” and “OO” scale
  2. Insight to the hobby of rail-modelling
  3. Interactive automation
  4. RC boats
  5. Resource material and educative poster gallery
  6. On-site Workshops with DIY projects*.
  7. Observation and activity work sheets (download sample sheet)



All young visitors carry back a dream in their eyes and a “Take Home Kit” which includes:
a) How to get started in railmodelling - a beginner’s guide
b) An HO scale DIY card building kit
c) NeverEnuf Visor
Faculty/Chaperone support:
Informative, pre and post excursion, discussion material based on the hobby is provided to visiting schools in order to help the chaperones prepare the children for the visit and answer their queries in the classroom. Click here

NeverEnuf aspires to play the role of a progenitor. It is an alternative learning format which aids in learning by osmosis.
It is entertainment- and much more.